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[InetBib] Public Library of the Year Award 2016

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen,

auch dieses Jahr lobt die dänische Kulturagentur in Kooperation mit der Firma 
Systematic und der IFLA-Sektion "Public Libraries" einen Preis für den besten 
Bibliotheks-Neubau aus. Falls Sie sich mit Ihrer Bibliothek bewerben möchten, 
ist es sehr wichtig, auf die Kriterien einzugehen (s. u.).

Viele Grüße,
Sarah Dudek
Mitglied der IFLA-Sektion "Öffentliche Bibliotheken"

The Danish Agency for Culture has announced the Systematic Public Library of 
the Year Award 
 The winner will be presented at the IFLA annual Congress in Columbus, US in 
August 2016.
The award for best public library in the world 2016 will again this year be 
given to a library that is either newly build or located in a building that has 
not previously been used as a library. The award is presented in collaboration 
with the firm Systematic and with the International Federation of Library 
Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Public Libraries Section. The prize is $US 
Libraries nominated for the prize will be evaluated on how they incorporate 
digital development and local culture of the surrounding community in the 
library space. The architectural expression of the library must be open and 
functional, to the point where it is well balanced with the surroundings, as 
well as supporting creative and innovative experiences for the library users. 
The library must also have incorporated sustainability into the building.
The criterias can be viewed in further detail on the webpage of the Model 
Programme for Public 
 and this is also the place to apply. Closing date is June 1st 2016

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