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[InetBib] Traineeship in Greece - Cedefop EU agency - Web content correspondent

Would you like to gain professional experience in an international environment?

Cedefop, the EU Agency based in Thessaloniki, Greece, offers the following 
9-month traineeship starting on 1 October 2016:

Project description:  
- Assistance in generating content for Cedefop's webportal and social media. 
- Database development, maintenance and updates.

- Degree in Web content management, Communication, Library and Information 
Studies, or related field
- English at level C1 (Common European Framework of reference for languages);
- IT literacy
- Experience with web communication
- Knowledge of html and web standards.
- Experience with database development

Deadline for submission: 6 June 2016
Candidates are advised to read all information available on this site before 
submitting their online application.

To apply, for alternative traineeship offers and for further information:

A monthly grant of EUR 600-900 is offered.

Bettina Brenner
Cedefop - Information and Documentation Service (Infodoc)
Europe 123 | GR-570 01 | Thessaloniki (Pylea)
PO Box 22427 | GR-551 02 | Thessaloniki
T (+30) 23 1049 01 73 F (+30) 23 10 49 00 43
E bettina.brenner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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