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[InetBib] Brexit: opportunities and threats for information and ICT professionals - survey

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Brexit presents a significant change for the UK. However, those
professionals who work in the Information Communication and Technology
(ICT) sector and/or manage information, whether in the public or private
sector, are well practised at responding to fast changing environments to
harness opportunities.

Northumbria University and UCL have launched a short survey (
https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BrexitICTopportunities) which aims to
capture perspectives on the opportunities and threats that face those
delivering information agendas across the UK. We hope to identify ideas
that information professionals can harness to support the UK changing
landscape and also flag areas of information management/ICT weakness in the
light of Brexit.

The survey is open to anyone. Although the focus is on the UK position we
are keen to hear where those outside the UK see opportunities to
collaborate with the UK or have reservations for engaging with the UK in
the light of Brexit. We hope people will contribute in a constructive
manner even when noting concerns. We aim to publish the results quickly in
an open access journal and plan to repeat the study to gather longitudinal
data as the picture develops.

There are 20 questions (all optional). It takes 10-20 minutes to complete
depending on how much you wish to write. There are no right or wrong
answers to any of the questions. The survey is anonymous and no IP
addresses are being collected.

We know that you are busy and appreciate your time. You can exit the survey
and your previous comments will be saved so that you can go back and
complete it when you have time. The survey will close on Monday 25th July
at 4pm.

Please do forward on this email so that we can reach as many people as
possible and tweet Brexit: opportunities and threats for information & ICT
professionals: UCL and NU launch survey

The research is a partnership between the iSchools at UCL (Dr Elizabeth
Lomas) and Northumbria University (Professor Julie McLeod). The survey is
being facilitated by Dr Elizabeth Lomas e.lomas@xxxxxxxxx

Many thanks
Julie McLeod Julie.mcleod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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