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[InetBib] Register now for October 2016 PASIG at MoMA in NYC

The PASIG Program Committee is pleased to announce that registration is OPEN 
for our October 2016 event! For the first time PASIG will be held in New York 
City, at the Museum of Modern Art, October 26-28. The final program is still 
being created, but the current version is below. It’s shaping up to be an 
outstanding event, with a wide range of speakers.

Keeping with our long-standing tradition, PASIG is dedicated to keeping costs 
as low as possible. Early bird registration (available through September 9) is 
only $150. Regular registration (after September 9) is $200. 

More logistics (recommended hotels, venue information) will be released soon.

To register for the event: 

General information on the event: http://www.pasignyc.org

Thank you! 

The PASIG Program Committee:
Matthew Addis, Arkivum
Karim Boughida, University of Rhode Island
Luis Faria, KEEP Solutions
Ben Fino-Radin, MoMA
David Minor, UC San Diego
Courtney Mumma, Internet Archive
Erin O’Meara, Gates Archive
Robin Ruggaber, University of Virginia
Vicky Steeves, NYU
Kara Van Malssen, AVPreserve

Current Program (subject to change):

Day 1.  Bootcamp/101.
Finding your feet: Getting started with digital preservation. Sessions will 
cover the following topics:
        • Introduction to PASIG and the conference 
                • Member(s) of Steering Committee
        • Overview of preservation and archiving
                • Mary Molinaro, Chief Operating Officer and Service Manager at 
the Digital Preservation Network
                • Neil Jefferies, Oxford University
        • The anatomy of files: What are we trying to keep?
                • Bert Lyons, Senior Consultant, AVPreserve 
                • Sam Meister, Preservation Communities Manager, Educopia 
(MetaArchive Cooperative and BitCurator Consortium)
        • Trust and audit of digital repositories and preservation services
                • Isabel Meyer, DAMS Branch Manager, OCIO, Smithsonian 
                • Kara Van Malssen, Partner and Senior Consultant, AVPreserve
                • Caylin Smith, British Library
                • Sibyl Schaefer, UC San Diego
        • Standards and best practice
                • Dan Gillean, AtoM Program Manager, Artefactual Systems
        • Infrastructure for digital preservation at all scales
                • Erin O’Meara - University of Arizona
                • Frances Harrell, Preservation Specialist, NEDCC and Rebecca 
Carpenter, University of Massachusetts, Boston student
                • Amy Rushing, Head of Special Collections and Julianna 
Barrera-Gomez, Digital Archivist, University of Texas at San Antonio
                • Bruce Gilpin, Versity
                • Dale Askey, Associate University Librarian, Library & 
Learning Technologies, McMaster University

        • Day 1 Lightning Round

Opening reception - location TBD.

Day 2.  Preservation and Archiving in Practice
Doing preservation for real: practitioners knowledge exchange.

Session 1: Assuring reproducibility of research in the long-term, Part 1
        • Dan Valen, Product Specialist - figshare
        • Matthew Addis, Arkivum 
        • Peter Burnhill, EDINA
        • Alan Darnell, Director, Scholars Portal Services, OCUL, Kate Davis, 
Acting Director, Scholars Portal Services, OCUL 

Session 2: Reproducibility, Part 2
        • Rachel Trent, Digital Services Manager at George Washington 
University Libraries 
        • Fernando Chirigati, Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant, NYU
        • Jeff Spies, Chief Technology Officer, OSF

Session 3: Preserving complex data
        • Joanna Phillips, Guggenheim and Deena Engel, NYU
        • Matthias L. Hemmje, Professor Dr., FernUniversität in Hagen
        • Ben Fino-Radin, MoMA
        • Caylin Smith, British Library

Session 4: Meeting compliance through preservation 
        • Cassie Findlay, co-founder, Recordkeeping Roundtable
        • Jon Tilbury, Preservica
        • Seth Anderson, MoMA Archives

Day 2 Lightning Round

Conference reception, MoMA

Day 3.  Preservation Frontiers and the Bigger Picture
Future challenges and solutions: what's coming next in the preservation world.

Session 1: Capturing dynamic data for preservation
        • Stefan Serbicki, Preservation Technical Lead, Electronic Arts
        • Matt Weber, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication and 
Information, Rutgers
        • Guy Marechal, TITAN
        • Kristi Park, Executive Director, Texas Digital Library 
        • Dianne Dietrich, Julia Kim, Morgan McKeehan, and Alison Rhonemus

Session 2: Environmental responsibility, sustainability, costs, benefits and 
        • Neil Grindley, JISC 
        • Eira Tansey, Digital Archivist/Records Manager, University of 
        • Ben Goldman, Sally W. Kalin Librarian for Technological Innovations 
and Digital Records Archivist, Penn State University
        • Joy Davidson, DCC
        • Amelia Acker - UT-Austin

Session 3: Political and social responsibility, impacts, activism, ethical, 
anonymity, etc. 
        • Jasmine Jones, Technical Services Archivist at Smith College
        • Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez, Processing Archivist, Latin American Manuscript 
Collections, Princeton 
        • Micha Broadnax, Digital Archivist, Emerson 
        • Bergis Jules - Documenting the Now

Session 4: Social media, internet of things, decentralized web, encryption
        • Julien Masanès, Director, Internet Memory Foundation
        • Primavera De Filippi, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard


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Sitz der Gesellschaft: Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Amtsgericht Mannheim HRB 
Geschäftsführerin: Sabine Brünger-Weilandt.
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: MinDirig Dr. Stefan Luther.

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