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[InetBib] Semantics 2016 - Call for Participation, Sept. 12-15, Leipzig

Call for Partcipation: SEMANTiCS 2016 @ University of Leipzig, Sept. 12-15, 2016
Registration Open

We are proud to announce the final program of the SEMANTiCS conference, the 
12th international conference on Semantic Systems. The program will cover 6 
keynote speakers, 40 industry presentations, 30 scientific paper presentations, 
40 poster & demo presentations and a huge number of satellite events.

To register please go to: http://2016.semantics.cc/registration.

Key Noters:

  *   Cathy Dolbear, Oxford University Press -- Enriching Content with User 
Data and Semantic Information
  *   Michele Pasin, Springer Nature -- Linked data experience at Springer 
  *   Marie Wallace, IBM -- The Semantics of the Human Network
  *   Volker Tresp, Siemens / LMU -- Learning with Memory Embeddings and its 
Application in the Digitalization of Healthcare
  *   Lydia Pintscher, Wikidata -- Wikidata: bringing structured data to 
Wikipedia with 16000 volunteers
  *   Harald Sack, HPI -- The dwerft Project - DBpedia and Linked Data for the 
Media Value Chain

Special talks will given by Thomas Vavra from IDC and Sören Auer, who will 
feature the LEDS track. On top of that there will be a fishbowl session 
‘Knowledge Graphs – A Status Update’ with lightning talks from Hans Uszkoreit 
(DFKI) and Andreas Blumenauer (SWC).

Share your ideas, tools and ontologies, last minute submissions

Meetup: Big Data & Linked Data - The Best of Both Worlds
On the first eve of the SEMANTiCS conference we will discuss how Big Data & 
Linked Data technologies could become a perfect match. This meetup gathers 
experts on Big and Linked Data to discuss the future agenda on research and 
implementation of a joint technology development.
Register (free)

If you are interested to present your idea, approach or project which links 
Semantic technologies with Big Data in an ad-hoc lightning talk, please get in 
touch with Thomas Thurner (t.thurner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

This year's SEMANTiCS is starting on September 12th with a full day of exciting 
and interesting satellite events. In 6 parallel tracks scientific and 
industrial workshops and tutorials are scheduled to provide a forum for groups 
of researchers and practitioners to discuss and learn about hot topics in 
Semantic Web research.
Registration (free)

How to find users and feedback for your vocabulary or ontology?
The Vocabulary Carnival is a unique opportunity for vocabulary publishers to 
showcase and share their work in form of a poster and a short presentation, 
meet the growing community of vocabulary publishers and users to build useful 
semantic, technical and social links. You can join the Carnival Minute Madness 
on the 13th of September.
Submit your vocabulary to the VOCARNIVAL here: 
More info: http://2016.semantics.cc/vocarnival

How to submit to ELDC?
The European Linked Data Contest awards prizes to stories, products, projects 
or persons presenting novel and innovative projects, products and industry 
implementations involving linked data. The ELDC is more than yet another 
competition. We envisage to build a directory of the best European projects in 
the domain of Linked Data and the Semantic Web. This year the ELDC is awarded 
in the categories Linked Enterprise Data and Linked Open Data, with €1.500,- 
for each of the winners. Submission deadline is August 31, 2016.
Submit your product, story or project here: http://2016.semantics.cc/eldc

7th DBpedia Community Meeting in Leipzig 2016
Co-located with SEMANTiCS, the next DBpedia meeting will be held at Leipzig on 
September 15th. Experts will speak about topics such as Wikidata: bringing 
structured data to Wikipedia with 16.000 volunteers. The 7th edition of this 
event covers a DBpedia showcase session, breakout sessions and a DBpedia 
Association meeting where we will discuss new strategies and which direction is 
important for DBpedia. If you like to become part of the DBpedia community and 
present your ideas, please submit your proposal or check our meeting website: 

Looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

Semantics Organizing Team

With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Prof. (FH) Dr.  Tassilo    Pellegrini
Department of Media and Economics
Department Medien und Wirtschaft

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences /
Fachhochschule St. Pölten GmbH
Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15, A-3100 St. Pölten
T: +43/2742/313 228 - 417, F: +43/2742/313 228 - 409
E: tassilo.pellegrini@xxxxxxxxxxx
I: www.fhstp.ac.at<http://www.fhstp.ac.at>
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Krone, Jan/Pellegrini, Tassilo (Hrsg.):

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