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[InetBib] Proceedings of the 15th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems Workshop (NKOS 2016)

Dear colleagues,

the proceedings of the 15th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems 
Workshop (NKOS 2016) have been published last week.

All accepted papers at the workshop are available via 
Other workshop material incl. presentations are available on the website < 

Editorial for the 15th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems 
Workshop (NKOS 2016) 1-6
Philipp Mayr, Douglas Tudhope, Koraljka Golub, Christian Wartena, Ernesto 
William De Luca

Analyzing the research output presented at European Networked Knowledge 
Organization Systems workshops (2000-2015) 7-14
Fakhri Momeni, Philipp Mayr

Classification of Knowledge Organization Systems with Wikidata 15-22
Jakob Voß

Classification for Collections Mapping and Query Expansion 23-31
Claudio Gnoli, Laura Pusterla, Anna Bendiscioli, Cristina Recinella

Linking Subject Labels in Cultural Heritage Metadata to MIMO Vocabulary using 
CultuurLink 32-35
Hugo Manguinhas, Valentine Charles, Antoine Isaac, Tom Miles, Aude Lima, Ariane 
Neroulidis, Veronique Ginouves, Dimitra Atsidis, Michiel Hildebrand, Maarten
Brinkerink, Sergiu Gordea

Developing Imaged KOS with the FRSAD Model: A Conceptual Methodology 36-47
Simone Bastos Vieira, Marcilio De Brito, Widad Mustafa El Hadi, Maja Zumer

Named Entities in Indexing: A Case Study of TV Subtitles and Metadata Records 
Anne-Stine Ruud Husevag

Re-designing Online Terminology Resources for German Grammar 59-63
Karolina Suchowolec, Christian Lang, Roman Schneider

Please enjoy the variety of the papers and consider to submit a paper for the 
next NKOS workshop.

Best regards, Philipp

Dr. Philipp Mayr
Team Leader

GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8,  D-50667 Köln, Germany
Tel: + 49 (0) 221 / 476 94 -533
Email: philipp.mayr@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:philipp.mayr@xxxxxxxxx>
Web: http://www.gesis.org

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