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[InetBib] Call for papers: Open access and open science

Apologies for cross-posting

Call for papers
Revue Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication (RFSIC)
N°11 - Open access and open science – a debate
Edited by G. Chartron (CNAM) and J. Schöpfel (Lille 3)

The objective of this special issue of the Revue Française des Sciences de 
l’Information et de la Communication (RFSIC) is to investigate the 
opportunities and risks of the transition of the academic publishing model and 
more globally, of open science. We solicit original contributions to inform and 
enrich the discussion on the following topics:

Business models
Editorial mediation
Societal and economic mediation
Innovation in scientific work

The submitted contributions (in French or English) should enhance the 
understanding of the actual transformation with empirical data, case studies, 
significant states of the art, historical perspectives, modelling or 
theoretical debates. A comparative approach will be particularly appreciated, 
of different scientific fields, countries or geopolitical regions.

Important dates:

1th November: reception of proposals (abstracts)
1th December: feedback to authors about acceptation
30th March: reception of full papers
30th March-15th June: evaluation of full papers and final decision
30th August: reception of final versions for publication
Contacts: Ghislaine Chartron (ghislaine.chartron@xxxxxxxxxx) and Joachim 
Schöpfel (joachim.schopfel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Abstracts in french or in english are limited to 1200 words and must specify 
the issue, together with a brief overview of the literature, methodology and 
key findings. They will be sent in Word or .rtf format to the two editors of 
this issue.
The journal RFSIC is 100% open access on the public French OpenEdition 
platform, without APCs.

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