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[InetBib] CfP EXTENSION: "CO:OPyright: Challenges and Practices of Copyright and Licensing of Digital Cultural Heritage"; April 12/13, 2017; University of Graz (Austria)

Dear colleagues,

allow me to remind you of this upcoming conference at the University of Graz 
and inform you about the deadline extension for handing in contributions:
The new deadline for submissions is January 23, 2017.

"CO:OPyright: Challenges and Practices of Copyright and Licensing of Digital 
Cultural Heritage"
Conference at the University of Graz
April 12/13, 2017

The conference is hosted by the Centre for Information Modelling - Austrian 
Centre for Digital Humanities and the Institute of the Foundations of Law, 
Section 'Law and ICT' at the University of Graz (Austria).

In the age of digital information technology and the constant availability of 
information through the Internet, it is not only important to have democratic 
access to knowledge, but also essential to consider the potential that lies in 
the critical production and expansion of knowledge.
The CO:OP - short for Community as Opportunity: the creative archives' and 
users' network - co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European 
Union aims to strengthen and promote the co-operation between institutions 
preserving our common cultural heritage and the general public.

Of particular interest and concern to cultural heritage institutions are issues 
of copyright on, provision of and access to digitized material. There is a 
recognizable political drive in the European Union to facilitate public access 
to cultural heritage - and data in general - hosted at public institutions. 
However, the lack of  legal harmonization and the often unclear national 
legislations on the use and provision of resources by public cultural  heritage 
or scientific institutions has been prohibiting a much broader engagement 
between the general public and its own cultural heritage.

This conference invites:
a. legal experts to present contributions on the legal framework concerning 
digital cultural heritage resources on a national or international level, the 
European and international conditions, political developments and innovative 
approaches to improve the situation on the use and provision of such resources,
b. experts and curators from cultural heritage institutions to share their best 
- and worst! - practice examples with projects that had to deal with copyright 
and licensing as exemplary showcases for the CO:OP community at large.
These two different perspectives on the topic will be presented in consecutive 
sessions of 20-minute papers on April 13 and brought together in a Panel 
Discussion with stakeholders from cultural heritage institutions, the legal 
academic community and representatives of funding bodies and political entities 
at the end of the conference.

Pre-Conference Workshops on April 12 will provide hands-on sessions on 
pertinent licensing tools, Open GLAM, and the introduction of a Guidelines and 
Best Practices document regarding the core topics of the conference which will 
serve as one of the deliverables and milestones of the CO:OP project.

Please submit your abstracts (of up to 800 words), and a short biography of the 
author(s), to:  <zim@xxxxxxxxxxx> by January 23, 2017.
The submissions will be peer reviewed and the review results returned by 
February 13, 2017.
Online version of this CfP at: 

Looking forward to your submissions,
Walter Scholger

Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
Universität Graz
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