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[InetBib] KU Select 2016: Last Chance to Pledge Support for Open Access

Dear all,

The pledging period for libraries and consortia to participate in the
Knowledge Unlatched e-book collection, KU Select 2016, is coming to an end
on 10 February.
KU Select 2016 is an opportunity for libraries to help turn the selected
e-books into fully downloadable Open Access PDFs for anyone, anywhere to
read. Support is needed from libraries to ensure that books in the
Humanities and Social Sciences are not left behind in the shift to Open
Access. Beyond being good for libraries, KU offers a route to change
monograph publishing in a way that reduces costs and expands readership in a
way that is truly transformative.
We are making good progress in securing pledges but still have a long way to
be able to unlatch these titles - so every pledge counts! A list of all
institutions who have pledged to KU Select 2016 so far can be found on our
Register and pledge today at: http://app.knowledgeunlatched.org/register
Best regards,
Christina Emery
Partnership Manager, Knowledge Unlatched
christina <mailto:christina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> @knowledgeunlatched.org

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