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[InetBib] CALL FOR PAPERS EXTENDED UNTIL 5 February: International UDC Seminar 2017 - London, 14-15 September 2017

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, 

Dear colleagues,  
We have received numerous requests for the submission date extension and we 
have now moved this to 5 February.



International UDC Seminar 2017
Theory, Technology and End Users

DATE:     14-15 September 2017
VENUE:    London
WEBSITE:    http://seminar.udcc.org/2017/ <http://seminar.udcc.org/2017/>
CONTACT:    seminar2017@xxxxxxxx <mailto:seminar2017@xxxxxxxx>

International UDC Seminar 2017 marks the anniversaries of two conferences 
devoted to faceted classification research: sixty years since the First 
International Study Conference on Classification Research (Dorking, 1957) and 
twenty years since the the Sixth International Study Conference (London, 1997).
The objective of the conference is to revisit faceted analytical theory as a 
method for (re)constructing modern classifications and indexing languages and 
the role analytico-synthetic classifications have had in resource discovery and 
retrieval, from their introduction at the beginning of the 20th century to 
date. The conference will examine the challenges analytico-synthetic 
classifications represent for data modelling and interface design in the Web 
environment. Most importantly, it will explore potential fields of application 
for faceted classifications in information organization, visualization and 
presentation of large datasets, social networks and in the open linked data 
   High quality and innovative contributions are invited for the 
- The impact of faceted analytical theory and research on modern 
classification and indexing languages;
- Data modelling, data management and data sharing of faceted and 
analytico-synthetic classifications;
- Vocabulary mapping, semantic linking and natural language 
interfacing of analytico-synthetic systems;
- Applications of faceted analytical theory on (re)constructing 
knowledge classifications and indexing languages;
- End user interface design and user-friendly knowledge presentation 
for faceted systems;
- Novel applications of faceted systems outside the bibliographic domain.


Two kinds of contributions are invited: conference papers and posters. Authors 
should submit a paper proposal in the form of an extended abstract (1000-1200 
words, including references, for papers; and 500-600 words for posters). The 
submission form is provided on the conference website.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Programme Committee consisting of an 
international panel of experts. Each submission will undergo a blind review by 
at least three reviewers.

The Conference proceedings will be published by Ergon Verlag and will 
be distributed at the conference. Best papers will be proposed for 
publishing in the Knowledge Organization journal

5 Feb 2017      Submission deadline
1 Mar 2017      Notification of acceptance & paper submission instruction
15 May 2017     Papers submission (camera ready copy)

ORGANIZER: The International UDC Seminar 2017 "Faceted Classification Today: 
Theory, Technology and End Users" is the sixth biennial conference in a series 
of International UDC Seminars organized by the UDC Consortium (UDCC). UDC 
Seminars are devoted to advances in documentary classification research and 
their application in a networked environment. UDCC is a not-for-profit 
organization, based in The Hague, established to maintain and distribute the 
Universal Decimal Classification and to support its use and development. UDC is 
one of the most widely used knowledge organization systems in the bibliographic 

UDC Consortium
PO Box 90407
2509 LK The Hague
The Netherlands
Web: http://www.udcc.org <http://www.udcc.org/>
Email: mail@xxxxxxxx <mailto:mail@xxxxxxxx>
* CFP: International UDC Seminar 2017 - London, 14-15 September - 
http://seminar.udcc.org/2017/ <http://seminar.udcc.org/2017/>
* UDC Online Hub (6 languages):  http://www.udc-hub.com/index.php 
* UDC Summary (56 languages): http://www.udcsummary.info/php/index.php 

The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is the world's foremost 
multilingual classification scheme for all fields of knowledge, a 
sophisticated indexing and retrieval tool 
Freundliche Grüsse

Best regards 

Jiri Pika

UDC Editorial Team, UDC Consortium

Alumni ETH Zürich 

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