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[InetBib] OAI10 Workshop in Genf, 21.-23. Juni 2017

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

gerne möchte ich Sie auf den OAI10 Workshop in Genf aufmerksam machen. Siehe 
unten stehende Ankündigung.

Viele Grüße

Heinz Pampel


OAI10 Workshop in Geneva, 21-23 June 2017
The OAI10 CERN-UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication is 
taking place at University of Geneva, Geneva, on 21-23 June 2017. The meeting's 
web site is https://indico.cern.ch/event/405949/
There are six plenary sessions:
- Technical Session
- Copyright and Licensing
- OA Transformation – From Subscription to OA
- OA Outside the Academy
- Social Media as a Research Data Source
- The Future of Repositories

The tutorials, which start the Workshop on Wednesday, are devoted to:
- Open Science Café "all you ever wanted to know about open science but were 
afraid to ask"
- Interoperability for Discovery and Navigation: ResourceSync and Signposting
- An IP-law Perspective on Research Data Usability and Interoperability
- Playing the Name Game: Best (and Worst) Practices for Collecting and Using 
- Authoring, annotations, and notifications in decentralised Web
- All Aboard! Open Science Workflows for Widespread Adoption

Instead of breakout groups, an "unconference" will take place on Thursday 
afternoon. It will allow participants to propose, vote on and run sessions 
There will also be 30+ posters displayed, with a minute-madness session for 
authors to present them. We will soon issue a call for posters.
The OAI Workshops provide a space for all those interested in developments in 
scholarly communication to come together to learn from each other, to exchange 
ideas, and to hear papers from leading experts in the field. They are rather 
prominent European events in the year in which they are held. Registration is 
open at 
The OAI Organisers (see 
https://indico.cern.ch/event/405949/page/4542-organisation) look forward to 
meeting you all in Geneva in June.


Heinz Pampel

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