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[InetBib] 10th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories, Prague, October 19, 2017

10 Years of Grey Literature in the Czech Republic

The National Library of Technology (NTK) is hosting its 10th annual Conference 
on Grey Literature and Repositories, continuing the tradition of previous 
conferences. Grey literature and related topics from the Czech Republic and 
abroad are presented at this event, which is of interest to librarians, digital 
collections administrators, IT professionals, executives, students, authors of 
scientific papers, and as well as other professionals.

Date: October 19, 2017
Place: Balling Hall, National Library of Technology in Prague (Technická 6, 160 
80 Prague 6 - Dejvice)
Time: 9:30 - 16:30
Registration: 8:30 - 9:30

More information, registration etc. on the conference website 


8:30 – 9:30 Registration

9.30 – 9:45 Conference opening

9:45 – 11:40 Morning session

Rethinking the Role of Grey Literature in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Dobrica Savić, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Digital repository(ies) at Charles University - Where are we now and where are 
we heading?
Jakub Řihák, Charles University in Prague, Central Library

From the dissemination of electronic theses and dissertations to their 
long-term archiving 
Eliška Pavlásková, Institute of the History and Archive of Charles University

Research and Development in the Field of Research Data and Dissertations. The 
D4Humanities Project at the University of Lille (France)
Joachim Schöpfel, University of Lille - GERiiCO laboratory
Hélène Prost, CNRS, GERiiCO laboratory
Cécile Malleret, University of Lille, Academic Library

11:40 – 12:40 Lunch

12:40 – 14:10 Afternoon session 

Attitudes of Charles University academic staff to data sharing 
Adéla Jarolímková, Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty 
of Arts, Charles University
Barbora Drobíková, Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty 
of Arts, Charles University
Martin Souček, Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty of 
Arts, Charles University

Data deposit into the ASEP repository
Zdeňka Chmelařová, Academy of Sciences Library
Jana Doleželová, Academy of Sciences Library

Institutional Rules and Policies for sharing and storing research data
Michal Koščík, Masaryk University

14:10 - 14:40 Coffee break

14:40 – 16:10 Closing session

Orphan works and out-of-commerce works after the copyright act amendment
Matěj Myška, Institute of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law, Masaryk University

Changes in the area of extended collective management in relation to memory 
Lucie Straková, Masaryk University

Grey abART
Jiří Hůla, The Fine Art Archive

Subject to change.

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