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[InetBib] FEIS Call for Participation - International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Sciences (FEIS 2018) Pisa, Italy 10-11 September 2018

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International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Sciences (FEIS 2018)

Pisa, Italy 10-11 September 2018


An event organized by the Erasmus+ EINFOSE project (http://einfose.ffos.hr)


Call for Participation


The International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Science (FEIS 2018) is the final event of project EINFOSE (European INFOrmation Science Education: encouraging mobility and learning outcomes harmonization), which is a European project (partially) funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program. The aim of EINFOSE is to overcome differences that exist in the area of entry requirements and learning outcomes for Master courses offered by European universities in the field of Information Science. The possibility of defining common entry requirements could mitigate or even eliminate the differences in enrolment procedures at different European universities and could contribute to a higher enrolment of students with different educational background at the graduate level programs in Information Science.

Registration to FEIS 2018 is now open (http://feis2018.di.unipi.it/registration). Early registration with a reduced registration fee (150 Euros) will end on June 17th.

The FEIS 2018 program is featuring four invited lecturers and a panel (see below), in addition to 18 papers and more than 20 posters. The complete program can be seen at: http://feis2018.di.unipi.it/programme

Keynote lecturers - http://feis2018.di.unipi.it/lecturers

David Bawden, Professor of Information Science in the Department of Library and Information Science at City University London

Leif Kajberg, School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Gary Marchionini, Dean and Cary C. Boshamer Professor at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, USA

Anna Maria Tammaro, Professor at the International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL), University of Parma, Italy

Panel - http://feis2018.di.unipi.it/panel

In search of a balance among human, technology, and information dimensions in creating a new curriculum.

Information Science is in a particularly strong position to engage in a serious effort to teach about the intersecting areas of human, information, and technology from the perspectives of human values, ethics, and laws. This panel will delve into the theme of developing a broad framework (possibly a conceptualization) for critical topics related to Information Science, to be included and emphasized in the curriculum. It will discuss the need for careful attention to topics that bring in human values, ethics, and laws associated with information capture, storage, use and dissemination (such as international and national legislation on copyright and privacy; open access to information; data and research findings; truthfulness and reliability of media and information sources; new literacies and the consolidation of the information profession).

ASIS&T Regional meeting

For those interested, on September 12th, back to back with FEIS 2018, there will be the Regional Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T, https://www.asist.org/).

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