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[InetBib] SEMANTiCS 2018, Vienna, Sep 10-13, Contribute to the Vocarnival & the DBpedia Day

*# Vocarnival*

The Vocabulary Carnival (Vocarnival) at SEMANTiCS 2018 is a unique opportunity for vocabulary publishers to showcase and share their work, meet the growing community of vocabulary publishers and users, and build useful semantic, technical and social links. The Vocarnival forms part of the SEMANTiCS programme with the Carnival Minute Madness and the marketplace.

*Which are the expected vocabulary types? *

All types! A very wide vocabulary definition applies to this competition, including ontologies, classifications, thesauri, concept and metadata schemes, independently of their format, be it RDF or not.

*When is the submission deadline?*

The submission deadline is set for September 3, 2018, 23:30 CET time.

Get familiar with the technical requirements and the presentation format for your vocabulary submission. Afterwards, follow the steps below and get honored by a special prize if you have one of the best three posters. The winners will be announced during the respective Vocarnival Session at SEMANTiCS 2018. Please find all information here: _https://2018.semantics.cc/vocabulary-carnival_

*How to submit your Vocabulary to the Carnival? *

*Step 1:*Make sure your vocabulary is accessible on the Web via a public URI.

*Step 2:*Submit your vocabulary here: _https://2018.semantics.cc/submit-vocabulary-vocarnival_

*Step 3:*Register to SEMANTiCS 2018: _https://2018.semantics.cc/prices_

*Step 4:*Every poster will be presented in our exhibition area. The organising committee will select the best vocabulary poster and presentation for the awards.

*# DBpedia Day - Call for Participation*

At the beginning of SEMANTiCS 2018, the DBpedia Community will get together on the**10th of September for the DBpedia Day. Besides the following highlights, we want you to be a part of the day by telling us what cool things you do with DBpedia. Submit your proposal in our form: _https://goo.gl/forms/ngRWCjgH9ocDCrEb2_!


- Keynote #1: Dealing with Open Domain Data by Mathieu d’Aquin (NUI Galway)

- Keynote #2: Linked Open Data cloud - act now before it’s too late by Javier Fernández García (WU Wien)

- DBpedia Association hour

- DBpedia Chapter Session

*Important Facts*

- Web URL: _http://wiki.dbpedia.org/meetings/Vienna2018_

- When: September 10th, 2018

- Where: Gußhaus Campus of Vienna's Technical University, Gußhausstraße 27-29, 1040 Vienna, Austria

- Call for Contribution: Submit your proposal in our form _https://goo.gl/forms/ngRWCjgH9ocDCrEb2_

- Attending the DBpedia Community Meeting costs €50 (excl. registration fee and VAT). DBpedia members get free admission, please contact your nearest DBpedia chapter or the _DBpedia Association_ <mailto:holze@xxxxxxxxx>for a promotion code.

/We are looking forward to your contributions and to seeing you at the SEMANTiCS in Vienna! /

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