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[InetBib] iPRES 2018 detailed schedule link plus conference updates

** Den Mehrfachempfang bitten wir zu entschuldigen**


We are excited to share the detailed schedule
(https://osf.io/u5w3q/wiki/home/ <https://osf.io/u5w3q/wiki/home/> ) for
iPRES 2018 with information about all of the sessions. We are using the
Open Science Framework (OSF) project site with a link from our iPRES
2018 website <https://ipres2018.org/schedule> . The full proceedings for
iPRES 2018 will be available on OSF, including slides, papers, poster
images, workshop materials, panel questions, session notes, and
supplementary materials.


We are pleased to see so many people registering for iPRES 2018! There
is time to register if you haven't: https://ipres2018.org/registration
<https://ipres2018.org/registration> . If a full registration doesn't
work for you, you can do a workshop-only registration for Monday or
register for only Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and/or register only
for  the Receptions. If you have any questions, please contact:
Registration Team.


Some tuition support is still available for underrepresented students
and first-time attendees - see the registration page for details. Thank
you again, Portico, for your making tuition support possible! 


There are rolling submissions and acceptances for ad hoc programming,
including the first digital preservation gameroom, original digital
preservation graphics, lightning sessions, and other programming - spots
are filling up and additional information is available here
<https://ipres2018.org/ad-hoc-programming> .


Our iPRES 2018 Code of Conduct <https://ipres2018.org/code-of-conduct>
with our response framework is posted and we welcome feedback.


Look forward to seeing you in September!



list: iPRES 2018 Organizing  Team

email: ipres2018contributions@xxxxxxxxx



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