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Re: [InetBib] It's nearly time! Your trip to Dubai is just around the corner.

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       Betreff: It's nearly time! Your trip to Dubai is just around the corner.

          You?re nearly there... Are you excited? 
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Hi Lars, 
Your stay at Top of Marina is just around the corner. Check out the weather 
forecast in Dubai for your trip, and if you would like to extend your stay, 
we?ve recommended some top hostels in the region. 
If you have any issues at all with your booking, we?re here for you. You can 
visit our  http://t.emails.hostelworld.com/r/?id=t96face4,28e5614e,28e56c2e 
Online Support Centre  for FAQs and more, or contact our  
mailto:customerservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Customer Service Team  directly. 
Already want to extend your stay? 
These top hostels are popular with travellers from Dubai. 
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