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[InetBib] CfP LILG International Conference on Learning Information Literacy across the Globe - May 2018 Frankfurt

The International Conference on Learning Information Literacy across
the Globe will be held on the 10th of May 2019 at Frankfurt Main,
Germany. The Conference is a final part of the Erasmus+ Project
Information Literacy Online, a European project to improve students’

In November 2016 the EU project ILO was started with the aim to
develop, evaluate and disseminate a multilingual open access online
course (MOOC) designed to improve students’ abilities to cope with
the claims of present-day information society. In May 2019, the seven
partner institutions will be able to present a MOOC on Information
Literacy, covering six language and cultural areas. An integrated
assessment component will enhance the autonomous learning progress.

The Conference will be a forum for the exchange of research and
experience associated with Information Literacy (IL) Learning.
Besides three keynotes and a panel, several tracks of paper sessions
are planned. Submissions to the following topics of interest are

- IL as a learning process, including assessment

- Digital learning resources for IL (e.g. MOOCs, Learning-scenarios,OERs)

- Comparative studies of courses and curricula with an IL lens

- Cultural diversity of IL

- IL in connection with other literacy concepts

Many disciplines can contribute: Library and Information Science,
different Learning Sciences, or Research in Cultural Diversity.

The Proceedings of the conference will be published digitally by the
10th of June.
Submission Guidelines

Envisaged are three session formats: Long-papers, Short-papers,
Posters. The Long-paper track provides the opportunity to present
state of the art research. The Short-paper and Poster tracks call for
original ideas, application areas and schemes. The inclusion of
results is encouraged but not required.

Submitted abstracts should not exceed 400 (Long-papers) resp. 200
(Short-papers and posters) words.
Long-paper submissions should be 10 pages in length plus additional
pages for references.
Short-paper submissions should be 2 pages in length plus additional
pages for references.

Programme Committee

The board of reviewers includes international experts from the fields
of information-science, media-pedagogy, psychologists,
media-scientists, open-educational-resources, scientific libraries
and intercultural studies.

    Manuel Area-Moreira

    David Bawden

    Ángel Borrego

    Alexander Botte

    Juan Jose Bote Vericad

    Stefan Dreisiebner

    Stefanie Elbeshausen

    Miguel Ángel Marzal García-Quismond

    José Antonio Gómez-Hernández

    Joachim Griesbaum

    Carolin Hahnel

    Theo Hug

    Mate Juric

    Mate Kosor

    Ulrike Kress

    Paul Libbrecht

    Anne-Kathrin Meyer

    Thomas Mandl

    Wolfgang Müller

    Anela Nikčević-Milković

    Javier Onrubia Goñi

    Franjo Pehar

    Wolf Rauch

    Marc Rittberger

    Lyn Robinson

    Christian Schlögl

    Sonja Špiranec

    Ivanka Stričević

    Sanjica Faletar Tanacković

    Cristóbal Urbano

    Zoran Velagić

    Polona Vilar

    Christa Womser-Hacker

    Vlasta Zabukovec

    Michaela Zemanek

    Maja Žumer


Deadline for Abstracts: December 15th 2018

Evaluation with provisional approval and notification: Jan 10th

Deadline for Full-papers: Jan 29th

Notification: Feb 20th

All submissions should be sent to Easychair LILG2019 page.

For questions, please use contact form.

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.