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[InetBib] HTAi 2019 - pre-conference workshop

The Information Retrieval Group would like to announce one full-day workshop 
for the HTAi 2019 Annual Meeting in Cologne. This pre-conference workshop, held 
on the 16th of June, forms an important part of the conference and is a 
fantastic way to make the most of your professional development and to engage 
with your international peers. The four topics presented this year focus on 
what information specialists will need to know in the coming decade:
Topic #1 -- Automation technologies to improve searching and study 
Topic #2 -- Clinical study reports (CSRs)
Topic #3 -- Decisions on whether to search both Medline (via OvidSP) and PubMed 
in HTA literature searching
Topic #4 -- Searching for diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) studies 


You can register your attendance for the workshops via the meeting registration 
page here: http://htai2019.org/register/[http://htai2019.org/register/]. It is 
also possible to register for the workshops without attending the conference 
itself: simply select the ‘Attending Pre-Conference Workshops Only’ option on 
the Registration Information & Fees page. If you are not a member of HTAi and 
would like to attend the workshop please contact Siw Waffenschmidt (IQWiG) for 
further information.

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.