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[InetBib] Reminder: Call for participation: "Information Science Trends: Search Engines and Information Retrieval" (Hamburg, Germany, April 26)

The European Chapter (EC) of the Association for Information Science and 
Technology (ASIS&T) is seeking for your contribution! We invite you to the 
research and networking seminar on "Information Science Trends: Search Engines 
and Information Retrieval" in Hamburg.

The event is part of the series on Information Science Trends. The events focus 
on a certain research topic introduced by invited speeches from research and 
industry. Additionally, they will provide networking space to energetically 
share ideas and interests from the fields of information science and related 
Participants who wish to contribute are asked to submit abstracts and short 
presentations about their research and projects. Everyone from researchers to 
students and practitioners can join!
Participation is not restricted those presenting. Registration for the event is 
now open, please see below.

Our first event will take place on Friday, April 26, 2019, at the Hamburg 
University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany. Confirmed speakers include 
Prof. Olof Sundin (Lund University, Sweden), Tom Alby (data scientist at Euler 
Hermes, Germany) and Prof. Dirk Lewandowski (Hamburg University of Applied 
Sciences, Germany). 

The event  focuses on Search Engines and Information Retrieval. Apart from the 
invited talks, we invite you to present your current projects, research or 
practical case studies. This may include, but is not limited to:
        • Retrieval research on web search engines, web services, professional 
information services, social media
        • Information seeking behaviour
        • Information retrieval
        • Discovery systems
        • People interacting with search systems
        • Searching in the library and other scientific contexts
        • Understanding user behaviour

Submission guidelines:
Please submit your extended abstract (up to 1,000 words including references) 
in English. Submissions are due on: March 31, 2019. Please send your submission 
to asist.europeanchapter@xxxxxxxxx
Accepted abstracts will be presented in the form of short talks (15 mins.).

Participating in this event is free. Please register at

We are happy to answer any questions regarding this event. Please send an 
e-mail to: asist.europeanchapter@xxxxxxxxx or any of the ASIST European Chapter 
Dirk Lewandowski, dirk.lewandowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Aylin Ilhan, aylin.ilhan@xxxxxx
Isabelle Dorsch, isabelle.dorsch@xxxxxx
Fabian Odoni, fabian.odoni@xxxxxxxxxx
Tamara Heck, heck@xxxxxxx

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lewandowski

T +49 40 428 75 36 21
Skype: dirk.lewandowski
Twitter: @Dirk_Lew
Faculty Design, Media and Information
Department of Information
Finkenau 35  / 22081 Hamburg  / Germany
http://www.searchstudies.org/dirk <http://www.searchstudies.org/dirk>

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