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[InetBib] Der Bibliothekar Abdirahman Moalim

Der Bibliothekar Abdirahman Moalim unterstützt die Protestierenden beim sit-in  
in Khartoum

"I saw most of the protesters were young. At the sit-in, they only had their 
phones [!] and were reading from it. I then thought what if I bring them books 
so that they can read and protest at the same time," Moalim, popularly known as 
Kabila, told Al Jazeera.
Kabila, who works at the Modern Kabo library in Khartoum, soon realised what 
books the protesters wanted to read.
"They mostly read books about politics and power. Almost no one reads fiction 
books," the 35-year-old told Al Jazeera. [...]
"Our youth need to be informed and there is no better way than through books. I 
want to see change in our country and that can only happen if we are informed 
in a good way," he said." (Aljazeerah)

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