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[InetBib] Registration now open for Open Repositories 2020

The 15th International Conference on Open Repositories, 
OR2020,<https://or2020.sun.ac.za/en/> will be held in Stellenbosch, South 
Africa, from 1-4 June 2020. The organisers are pleased to announce that 
registration opened on 17 February 2020.

Click to register: https://or2020.sun.ac.za/registration/

This year’s conference theme is: Open for all

In today’s world, access to knowledge by all is viewed by some as a fundamental 
freedom and human right. In our societies, open knowledge for all can enable 
sustainable development and growth on many levels. How well do repositories 
support knowledge in the service of society? How well do they enable local 
knowledge sharing and support not only academic use, but also use in education 
and practice?

OR2020 will provide an opportunity to explore and reflect on the ways 
repositories enable openness for all. We hope that this discussion will give 
the participants new insights and inspiration, which will help them to play a 
key role in developing, supporting and sharing an open agenda and open tools 
for research and scholarship.


Website<https://or2020.sun.ac.za/> / Twitter<https://twitter.com/OpenRepo2020> 
/ Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/ORConference> / #openrepos2020

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