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[InetBib] Online Conference 4th December - Information Literacy and Democracy 2020 #IDESA2020

Call for participation - online - free of charge

IDESA online conference SARAJEVO 4th December 2020 *

**Information Literacy and Democracy Conference 2020*#IDESA2020*

*Information Literacy and Democracy: The Role of Information
Professionals for Civic Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ILI-Doc)*

YouTube  – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh322Va2kDVEfmjElBvr31A?

In the online IDESA Conference on *4^th December 2020*, we want to
highlight various aspects of information and media literacy with
particular emphasis on the role of information professional for civic
development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Despite the increasing development of new technologies and the growing
role played by media in society, there is no adequate government action
nor public discussion in Bosnia and Herzegovina on issues related to
media and information literacy as basic requirement for civil discourse
and consequently for democratic processes.

In the education sector, insufficient negligible attention is dedicated
to the development of MIL skills in curricula. Teachers do not have
adequate skills in the area of MIL education nor the possibility to
access quality teachers’ training. However, there are several examples
of a new approach to education that show that changes in perceptions
occur. This conference should serve as capacity building forum for
educators, information professionals, students etc. especially those who
are focused on current curricular reforms at all levels of governance
but also a broad user communities interested in transferring MIL
knowledge and skills.

Organized by: University of Sarajevo & University of Hildesheim

Support by: German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.