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[InetBib] Registration open: FAIR Festival 2021 | 21-23 Juni 2021


Dear GO FAIR community,

Let's celebrate the FAIR shift in research data and science, and pave the way 
for future activities at the virtual FAIR Festival 
2021<https://eur.cvent.me/34gQ7> on 21-23 June 2021!

Please register if you would like to participate: https://eur.cvent.me/ZbYA3.

About the FAIR Festival Numerous pioneers have been supported in FAIR research 
data management over the past years. Meanwhile, the European Open Science Cloud 
and national research data infrastructures came into place. Where will the 
journey go from here?

The programme will follow a simple structure. Over three days there will be 
plenary sessions around noon (European timezones) and collaborative workshop 
sessions in the afternoon. Our plenaries include:

  1.  Opening: FAIR minds open science
  2.  Cloud Plenary: NFDI, GAIA-X and EOSC
  3.  Global Open FAIR - Changes happen

Each day the collaborative workshop session will feature one GO FAIR pillar. We 
are working continuously on the festival line-up. Make sure to check out our 
preliminary programme<https://eur.cvent.me/yGR4r?RefId=Programme> regularly to 
stay up-to-date.

Gather your good vibes, spread the word and join us for a spirited FAIR 
Festival 2021! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the FAIR 

Bright and sunny greetings,
Anja & Katharina

From the FAIR Festival 2021 Organising Committee



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