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[InetBib] [CfP] DBpedia KG Tutorial @ the Web Conference on April 25

Dear all,

We are proud to announce that we will organize an online tutorial at the Web Conference on April 25, 2022 at 10.45 am CEST.  A particular focus will be put on the DBpedia Infrastructure, i.e. the DBpedia Databus and the associated DBpedia services (Spotlight, Lookup and the endpoints). The tutorial will also contain a session dedicated on DBpedia’s current motto, i.e. Global and Unified Access to Knowledge Graphs. In practical examples we will illustrate the potential and the benefit of using DBpedia in the context of the Web of Data.

 # Highlights

This DBpedia tutorial will be focused on three core DBpedia topics:

- the DBpedia Knowledge Graph and the DBpedia community,

- the DBpedia Infrastructure and the DBpedia services,

- the current motto of DBpedia: “Global and Unified Access to Knowledge Graphs.

# Quick Facts

- Web URL: https://www.dbpedia.org/events/tut-at-the-web-conf/

- When: April 25, 2022 at 10.45 am CEST

- Where: The tutorial will be organized online.

# Tickets

- Please register at the Web Conference website to be part of the tutorial. You need to buy a conference ticket to join the event.

- Please check all details here https://www2022.thewebconf.org/registration/.

# Organisation

- Milan Dojčinovski, InfAI, DBpedia Association, CTU

- Sebastian Hellmann, InfAI, DBpedia Association

- Jan Forberg, InfAI, DBpedia Association

- Johannes Frey, InfAI, DBpedia Association

- Julia Holze, InfAI, DBpedia Association

We are looking forward to meeting you online!


on behalf of the DBpedia Association

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