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[InetBib] Dive into Dublin: WLIC 2022 Congress programme now available!

Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

wir wuerden uns sehr freuen, Sie in Irland willkommen zu heissen!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Dr. Eva Hornung
Irish National Committee

[Logo  Description automatically generated]<https://2022.ifla.org/>Dear 

It’s time to start planning your week in Dublin! Explore the Congress 
Programme<https://2022.ifla.org/conference-programme/>, pick sessions of your 
choice and set up your own agenda.

You can browse through the programme on the website but also customise your 
itinerary and choose from a variety of export formats, including: Adobe PDF, MS 
Word, or as an iCalendar export for MS Outlook.

Use the 
 to view the entire week’s worth of sessions.

Speaker and paper/presentation details are being continually updated, so be 
sure to check back for the sessions of your interest.

An abundance of innovative and thought-provoking sessions await you, including:

  *   Digital skills on fire workshop
  *   Fighting fake information at your library
  *   Agile in the library: methods and tools for project management, 
collaboration and
  *   Inspire: how the SDGs can change your life
  *   Equity, diversity, inclusion: intersectional issues in libraries
  *   Librarians as evidence intermediaries during times of crisis
  *   Climate Action in libraries: creating a more sustainable future by 
engaging and inspiring youth
  *   Telling the next chapter: marketing libraries of the future
  *   Infodemic management: strategies for combatting health 
  *   Truth, evidence and memory: Academic Libraries as cultural rights 
  *   Information access through cooperation: models from libraries serving 
persons with
print disabilities
  *   European libraries in a time of war: responses to the crisis in Ukraine
  *   Artificial intelligence: new horizons and implications for libraries

View online: 

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