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[InetBib] Recording now available: Everything you always wanted to know about Irish libraries

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Missed Monday's livestream on Irish libraries and IFLA WLIC 2022? View the 
recording of "Everything you wanted to know about Irish libraries" on IFLA’s 
YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/3n8SgwQ [updated link].

Join hosts Stuart Hamilton and Erik Boekesteijn for this unique session 
showcasing projects and best practices from Irish libraries and sharing key 
information about the upcoming WLIC congresses in Dublin in 
2022<https://2022.ifla.org/> and Rotterdam in 2023<https://2023.ifla.org/>!

Participants include:

  *   Ciara McCaffrey, The Glucksman Library, University of Limerick
  *   Domitilla Fagan, The Lexicon, Dun Laoghaire
  *   Ronan Mac Neice, Dublin City Libraries
  *   Kathryn Smith, RCSI Library, RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences
  *   Isabelle Courtney and Mary Buckley, L2L Programme
  *   Nicole de Jong, National Committee Rotterdam 2023

In addition, there were contributions from IFLA President Barbara Lison, Philip 
Cohen — Chair of the National Committee of Ireland, Dublin, and Theo Kemperman 
— Chair of the National Committee of the Netherlands, Rotterdam.

This informative online event was streamed live from Ballyfermot Public Library 
in Dublin on Monday, 20 June 2022.

Thanks to OCLC, the Library Association of Ireland, the Local Government 
Management Agency and Dublin City Libraries for making this possible.

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