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[InetBib] OT: Call for Chapters: Transforming Information Literacy for Sustainability

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen,

gern leite ich diesen Call for Chapters an Sie weiter - und denke dabei insbesondere an die vielen aktiven Experten und Expertinnen zu den Themen Informationskompetenz und Teaching Library. Beiträge aus Deutschland oder dem deutschen Sprachraum sind ausdrücklich willlkommen!

Mit besten Grüßen
Petra Hauke


*Call for Chapters: Transforming Information Literacy for Sustainability*


This book aims at providing key themes in information literacy for sustainability. It intends to give a professional and comprehensive overview, as well as emerging practices worldwide. Information literacy for sustainability is a catalyst and connector to educational change.It contributes to lifelong learning, sustainable development, innovations and community resilience. The chapters of the book consider information literacy for sustainability in the higher education and the general public arena. It would be a useful reference for educators, libraries, information centres as well as interested individuals or parties in advocating and promoting sustainability.It will highlight a variety of emerging trends, both theoretical and practical, as well as serve as a useful reference book of information literacy for sustainability to those previously unfamiliar with this topic of teaching and learning.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

·Understanding the roles of information literacy in developing sustainability

·Impact of the concepts and development goals of sustainability to information literacy

·Environmental aspects and knowledge scope of information literacy education

·Teaching and learning methods of information literacy education for sustainability

·Information literacy education focusing on different target audiences, or in different scenarios

·Best practices for integration of sustainability to information literacy education programs

·Best green practices for educational institutions, libraries, information centres, individuals, etc.

·Formal education and training programs of information literacy education for sustainability

·Contributions to and Collaborations in advocating and promoting information literacy education for sustainability

*Target Audience*

The target audience is represented by academics, researchers, students, librarians, managers, leaders and interested individuals.

*Important Dates*

/*7 November 2022*/: Proposal Submission Deadline

/*19 December 2022*/: Notification of Acceptance

/*8 May 2023*/: Full Chapter Submission

*Submission Notes:*

Your proposal should include:

·Title of proposal

·Abstract, maximum of 500 words

·Author information (name, job title, academic affiliation/organization)

·An author bio, less than 100 words

Please submit your proposal in English via email as a MS Word file by 7 November 2022 to:nipun@xxxxxxxxx or L.zhou@xxxxxxxxxx

Submissions should be original and not previously submitted, published and under review to other books, journals, conferences or etc. The full chapter submission should be of about 6,000 words, and follows the manuscript preparation guidelines athttps://www.springer.com/gp/authors-editors/book-authors-editors/your-publication-journey/manuscript-preparation

Dr. Petra Hauke
Visiting Teacher
Berlin School for Library and Information Science
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 741 59 03

Recent publication with open access!
New Libraries in Old Buildings: Creative Reuse.
Eds.: Petra Hauke, Karen Latimer and Robert Niess.
Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter Saur, 2021.
(IFLA Publication, 180)

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