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[InetBib] Paneldiskussion morgen zu "Data Privacy in the Digital Era"

Sehr geehrte inetbib-Community,

Das ECDF & Elsevier laden morgen Nachmittag ein zum Live-Stream von "Data 
Privacy in the Digital Era". Die Veranstaltung findet in Berlin statt.

ECDF and Elsevier announce ‘Conversations on Science in the Digital Future’ 

Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF)<https://www.digital-future.berlin>, the 
center for digitalization research based in Berlin, and 
Elsevier<https://www.elsevier.com>, a global leader in research publishing and 
information analytics, will co-host an innovative new series of panel 
discussions for the research community – ‘ECDF and Elsevier Conversations on 
Science in the Digital Future’.

The research community has access to many tools and services that provide 
research information and analytics. The number and capabilities of these tools 
and services is growing, as computer power continues to increase, technologies 
get more sophisticated, and the volume of research information and data 
expands. The ‘Conversations on Science in the Digital Future’ initiative aims 
to promote an open dialogue about data usage in the research sector. We hope 
these discussions will lead to greater understanding and collaboration between 
the research community, publishers and societies.

Over the next several months, the series will take deep dives into current and 
impactful topics, covering data usage in science, data privacy, vulnerable 
population and assessment data, synthetic data, and artificial intelligence and 
ethics in scholarly publishing. The hybrid events will take place at the ECDF 
in Berlin and online.

The initiative will start on 22 November 2022 with the first event on ‘Data 
Privacy in the Digital Era’. Dr. Max von Grafenstein, Professor for Digital 
Self-Determination at ECDF and Universität der Künste Berlin, Dr. IJsbrand Jan 
Aalbersberg, SVP of Research Integrity at Elsevier, and Dr. Wolfram Horstmann, 
Director of the SUB Göttingen Library and Head of the DFG Libraries Committee, 
will discuss topics such as usage tracking, its purposes and limitations, and 
what governance is needed to create transparency and foster trust.

Dr. Odej Kao, Professor for Computer Science and Speaker of the ECDF, said: 
“One part of digitalization of research is aimed at innovation and developing 
solutions for current challenges, however, at ECDF we also focus on the impact 
of an increasingly digitalized world on individuals and our society. When it 
comes to collecting data, ethical questions and privacy concerns need to weigh 
just as heavily as the benefits for researchers, their institutions and 
connected businesses. This is exactly what we intend with this series: 
Transparent and diverse conversations on research data and its utilization in 
the digital era.”

Dr. Max Voegler, VP Global Strategic Networks at Elsevier, said: “Supporting 
research in the digital era requires an open and proactive conversation between 
the various stakeholders in and around the research community. Individual 
researchers and their institutions rightly want to know what data is being 
collected, how it is processed, shared, and the benefits to them. In 
collaboration with ECDF, the aim of this series is to promote a diverse and 
insightful exchange of ideas on responsible research data usage and how it can 
support innovation, research and entrepreneurship.”

Alexandra Buytendijk
Manager, Research Marketing

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