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[InetBib] Coffee Lecture Invite: Love Your Data (Steward*) on 14.02.2023

Dear colleagues,

Grab a coffee and a heart-shaped cookie (not included) and come meet the first 
data stewards of the University of Vienna. Monika Bargmann, Michael Feichtinger 
and I will introduce the new data stewardship program as well as insights into 
our daily work.
Coffee Lecture: Love Your Data (Steward*): Research Data Management Support at 
the University of Vienna
Date and time: 14.02.2023 2-2.30 pm
Language: English
Open to all without registration!


The event will be recorded and published online as part of the international 
Love Data Week initiative.

See you there!
Tereza Kalová

Tereza Kalová [she/her]
Data Steward Coordinator

Vienna University Library
Universitätsring 1

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.