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Da es nur 2mal im Laendle nachweisbar ist, moechte ich hiermit etwas 
Promotion fuer einen Titel machen, der gerade im Hinblick auf den bereits 
angezeigten Kongress des HBI Stuttgart gelesen zu werden verdient:

Birdsall, William F.
&The& myth of the electronic library
{librarianship and social change in America}
William F. Birdsall
1. publ.
Westport, Conn.
Greenwood Pr.
XIV, 206 S.
Titelverkn     (0471582) Contributions in librarianship and
                information science ; 82
^ 49.50 (non-net) : CIP entry (Sept.)
Aus der programmatischen Zusammenfassung:
p. 153: "The knowledge base of librarianship must continue to rely on a 
multiplicity of disciplines, not information or communications theory 
alone. Not only the social sciences, but the humanities and the arts can 
serve as fertile sources of knowledge and understanding during a time of 
dynamic change.
Librarians should recognize that their professional ideologies 
embodies political values and reject the market-driven, neo-conservative 
politics of the myth of the electronic library. They must remain 
committed to promoting the widest possible access to knowledge by 
opposing censorship, fees for service, and the monopolization of 
information by any public or private group or organization. However, they 
should also examine the liberal tenets of librarianship in the light of 
the communitarian critique of liberalism."


               Dr. Rudolf Nink M.A. PhD.
              Mannheim University Library
               nink _at__ bib.uni-mannheim.de


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