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(Fwd) Wholesalers in EFILA?

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From:          "Michael Ranft" <powerbis _at__ kno-bs.de>
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Date:          Thu, 13 Feb 97 09:33:20 +0100
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Subject:       (EFILA.228) Wholesalers in EFILA?

Sorry, if you receive this twice, I had problems sending it the first
time and just to make sure ... ;-)

Hi there,

I wonder, whether there are people from book wholesalers or sales
organisations reading this mailing list and are interested in sharing
their current developments and strategies regarding Z39.50.

The background to my question is, that we at KNO (a book wholesaler in
Germany) are currently developing a Z39.50-Client and -Server for book
stores to access our book database. Our experiences are, that current
efforts (in EFILA and elsewhere) concentrate on retrieval and lending
aspects and that there are a lot of details known to a sales
environment (e.g. pricing, taxing, availability etc.) missing in the
standardisation efforts. For example, we had to invent several new
fields in bib-1 and MAB or UNIMARC, respectively.

If there are others with similar problems, I would appreciate to get
in contact to them and discuss these and further developments. Also, I
would like to discuss ways of sharing book database information of
sales organisations.  

Hope to hear from you,


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