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(Fwd) (Fwd) RTLH Newsletter - 'Stop Press'

Liebe Liste,

das folgende Tagungsprogramm der UB Tartu moechte ich weiterleiten.

Freundliche Gruesse

Werner Arnold

Library of Tartu University 200 years Conference

Dear colleagues,

We would greatly appreciate if you could forward the information about
the international conference "From Printed Book to Digital - Tartu
University Library 200" taking place October 12 - 15, 2002 at Tartu
University Library (Estonia) to your local website and various mailing
lists: http://www.utlib.ee/konverents/kava_en.html

In the name of the organizing committee
Yours respectfully,

Malle Ermel
Tartu University Library referent
konverents _at__ utlib.ee


**Saturday, October 12th 2002
Arrival of guests. Accommodation.
Welcoming address and excursion at the library, W.Struve 1

**Sunday, October 13th 2002

11.00 - 13.00
Opening Session

"Tartu University Library Today and in the Future."
   Toomas Liivamägi, Tartu University Library

"The Future of Libraries - The Infrastructure of Worldwide Electronic
Information." Prof. Elmar Mittler, Goettingen State and University

"The Role of the University Library in a Networking Learning
Jens Thorhauge, Danish National Library Authority

15.00 - 17.00 *** 1st Session of the Conference

Presentation of Conference Proceedings, organisational issues etc.

"University Library in the University - Values and Impac."
Prof. Aira Lepik, Tallinn Pedagogical University Department of
Information Studies

"The Role of Research Libraries in Shaping Infrastructural Process for
Ensuring Research and  Educational System." Anu Nuut, National Library
of Estonia

18.00 - 20.00
Reception at Tartu University History Museum, 25 Lossi Str.

Monday, October 14th 2002
9.00 - 12.40 *** 2nd Session of the Conference

"Library in Digital Environment - Economic and Legal Aspects."
Silvi Metsar, National Library of Estonia

"ProPrint - Print on Demand."
Dr. Karen Strehlow, Goettingen State and University Library

"Baltic Virtual Library."
Dr. Hans-Armin Knöppel, Greifswald University Library

"Watermark and Invisible Information Layers in Electronic Publications
and Information Systems." Dr. Arkadiusz Liber, Technological
University of Wroclaw Computer Science Department

"Impact of Digital Environment on the National Library."
Janne Andresoo, National Library of Estonia

"Usage of Various IT Resources at Tartu University Library.
   Kalju Kill Kask, Tartu University Library

"Conservation Priorities in Digital Environment."
Kurmo Konsa, Estonian Postal Museum

"Digitalisation of Map Collection at the National Library of Estonia."
Margit Tohver, National Library of Estonia

"Creating Digital Databases of Historical and Special Collections at
Tartu University Library." Sulo Lembinen and Mare Rand, Tartu
University Library

13.40 - 17.40 *** 3rd Session of the Conference
"Information Policies."
Henni Ilomäki, Finnish Literature Society

"Managing Present and Future Digital Collections and Supporting Access
to Digital Services at Poznan University Library." Tomasz Olzsewki,
Poznan University Library

"Electronic Information at Vilnius University Library 10 years of
experience." Zibute Petrauskiene, Vilnius University Library

"Information Literacy and University Library."
Gerda Koidla, Tallinn Technical University Library

"Medical Information Centre of Tartu University Clinics - Gateway to
Knowledge." Keiu Saarniit, Medical Information Centre of Tartu
University Clinics

"Tartu University Library User Services - Changes and Perspectives."
Mare-Nelli Ilus and Olga Einasto, Tartu University Library

"Electronic Euroinformation at Tartu University Library European
Documentation Centre."
Ruth Tammeorg, Tartu University Library

"The Changing Roles of Traditional Information Systems in Integrated
Library Systems." Ludmilla Dubjeva, Tartu University Library

17.20 - 17.40
Closing remarks of the Conference

Monday, October 14

10.00 - 13.00
Workshop: "Licensing Electronic Resources at National Basis -
Results and Impact."
Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, Head of National Electronic Library
Services, Helsinki University Library, The National Library of Finland

Tuesday, October 15

10.00 - 15.00
Cultural Program: Sightseeing tour. Cultural and historical monuments
and beautiful landscapes near Lake Peipsi.

Working languages of the conference are Estonian and English.

Participation fee for delegates from Estonia is 400 EEK and
for participants outside Estonia 60 Euros. The fee includes conference
materials, coffee breaks and lunches.

Your participation fee should reach us not later than September 1,
2002. Bank account No. 10102000234007 at Estonian Union Bank with
details as follows:

Tartu University. Library. Conference participation fee.

How to travel to Tartu?
The university town of Tartu lies in South Estonia within 2,5 hours
drive from Tallinn, 4,5 hours drive from Riga and 6,5 hours drive from
St. Petersburg. You can reach Tallinn also by plane or sea. Buses
leave for Tartu from Tallinn Bus Terminal approximately at every half
hour. For information see: http://www.bussireisid.ee

Welcome to the university town of Tartu!

Tartu University Library
W. Struve t. 1, 50091 Tartu
Phone: (+ 372) 07 375 703; Fax: (+ 372) 07 375 701
e-mail: konverents _at__ utlib.ee


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