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Interaktive "MOO" Library

Zur Info, O.Obst
Date:    Tue, 18 Jul 1995 11:25:04 CDT
From:    Schelle Christine Simcox <ssimcox _at__ umich.edu>
Subject: Join us on the Moo at SILS, U- Michigan

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                    AN INVITATION TO THE IPL MOO
                    login: iplmoo

 The IPL Moo is a part of the Internet Public Library at the
University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies.  Our
Moo is an interactive virtual environment for librarians, information
professionals, and the Internet community at large.  We are announcing
the opening of the IPL Moo on July 17th, and cordially invite all to drop
in and explore.

 A few of you may have already heard about MOOs.  For those unfamiliar
with the concept, a moo is a text-based real-time environment accessible
by telnet.  Once connected to the moo, many people from all over the world
can meet, talk, and work together.  This interaction takes place on a moo
in a variety of 'rooms' - in the case of the IPL Moo, a model library.
The moo can be used for meetings, classes, and informal conversations.

 Soon, we will begin to explore the practice and implications of providing
reference service on the IPL Moo.  However, right now we are trying to
create a space on the Internet for a community of information
professionals, including anyone interested in issues such as distance
education, collaborative learning and remote reference services.  Our moo
is a work in progress and we would like your input and feedback as we
develop the IPL Moo.

 We would like to invite you to join us on the IPL Moo and take a look
around.  The IPL Moo is being built expressly for the librarian and
information professional community.

 The staff of the IPL Moo invites all to come and visit us.  We will
be offically open on July 17th, and will be logged onto the Moo as often
as possible, to provide assistance and guidance to visitors and MOO
first-timers.  Please join us!


The URL for the IPL Moo is: telnet://ipl.sils.umich.edu/
 login: iplmoo

Telnet to:  ipl.sils.umich.edu  and login as: iplmoo

and you will enter the IPL Moo. First, you must type: connect guest

 The Moo will prompt for your name, and you will be given a moo-name.

 To enter our introductory tutorial:
        type:  _at__ tutorial intro

 If you would like more information, you can visit some Moo
documentation, including explanations of commands and basic instructions,
it is available on the World Wide Web at the Internet Public Library.
URL: http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/ref/MOO

 And please feel free to contact the IPL Moo group at ipl.moo _at__ umich.edu
with any questions or comments.

Meet you on the Moo!

  Schelle Simcox,
  for the Internet Public Library Moo Group
  ipl.moo _at__ umich.edu

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