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Version 21 of E-Publishing Bibliography Available

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Version 21 of "Network-Based Electronic Publishing of Scholarly
Works: A Selective Bibliography" is available.  This updated PACS
Review paper presents selected articles, books, electronic
documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding
scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and
other networks.  Most sources have been published between 1990
and the present; however, a limited number of key sources
published prior to 1990 are also included.  Where possible,
links are provided to sources that are available via the

The bibliography has the following sections:

2.1 Directories
2.2 Economic Issues
2.3 Electronic Books
2.4 Electronic Serials
    2.4.1 Case Studies and History
    2.4.2 Critiques
    2.4.3 Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals
    2.4.4 General Works
    2.4.5 Library Issues
    2.4.6 Research
2.5 Future Scenarios
2.6 General Works
2.7 Legal Issues
    2.7.1 Intellectual Property Rights
    2.7.2 Other Legal Issues
2.8 Library Issues
    2.8.1 Cataloging, Classification, and URIs
    2.8.2 Digital Libraries
    2.8.3 General Works
    2.8.4 Information Integrity and Preservation
2.9 New Publishing Models
2.10 Publisher Issues
2.11 Related Electronic Resources

Best Regards,

Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Assistant Director for Systems and
Editor-in-Chief of The Public-Access Computer Systems Review,
University Libraries, University of Houston, Houston, TX
77204-2091.  E-mail: cbailey _at__ uh.edu.  Voice: (713) 743-9804.
Fax: (713) 743-9811.


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