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IWETEL - Spanish E-forum for Library and Info Professi

Wer spricht Spanisch? :-)

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Subject:        NEW: IWETEL - Spanish E-forum for Library and Info Professionals
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IWETEL via iwetel-request _at__ gorbea.spritel.es

               IWETEL: Spanish electronic forum
           for library and information professionals

   Information World en Espanol launched an electronic forum on library
   and information issues in November, 1993.  The forum is hosted by
   Spritel and sponsored by Swets.  Most of the messages are written in

   INFORMATION WORLD EN ESPANOL is a Spanish newsletter published and
   distributed by Learned Information, New Jersey (USA) and Oxford (UK).
   The editorial board in Spain is led by Francisca Garcia-Sicilia
   (Dialog Spain), Tomas Baiget (Institut d'Estadistica de Catalunya)
   and Pedro Hipola (University of Granada).

   SPRITEL is a Spanish-based telematic network and gateway to
   electronic services, including national and international ascii
   databases and videotex systems.  The company also offers electronic
   mail services and list servers.  Spritel services may be accessed via
   telnet to pas.spritel.es.

   SWETS & ZEITLINGER is an international subscription agency, based in
   the Netherlands.  Swets supplies subscriptions to more than 100,000
   different journals, including cd-rom editions.  Swets also offers
   additional services, such as DataSwets (online access to the Swets
   database), SwetScan (the scanning of contents pages of 14,000
   journals) and SwetDoc (supply of copies of articles from journals).


   If you want to receive further information on IWETEL, send an e-mail
   message to phipola _at__ ugr.es.  In the subject line you should write:
   "Information on IWETEL".

   If you want to subscribe to IWETEL, send an e-mail message to
   iwetel-request _at__ gorbea.spritel.es.  You should include in the body of
   the message: "Subscribe IWETEL <your name>".

   Your contributions for the forum may be sent to:
   iwetel _at__ euskom.spritel.es.

   If you are interested in receiving a sample copy of Information World
   en Espanol, send an e-mail message to subscriptions _at__ learned.co.uk .
   In the subject line you should write: "Sample copy of IWE".  Please
   include in the body of the message your postal address.

   Sysop:      Pedro Hipola  phipola _at__ ugr.es
               Universidad de Granada             tel: +34 (9)58 243938
               Biblioteconomia y Documentacion    fax:           243945
               E-18071 Granada
   Advisor:    Tomas Baiget (Institut d'Estadistica de Catalunya)
   Assistant:  Antonio Munoz-Canavate (University of Granada)

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