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Fwd: NEW: Netiquette - The Network Etiquette Mailing List

Nein, nein, dies ist NICHT schon wieder eine neue Liste in Dortmund! 
Aber trotzdem interessant...?

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Date sent:      Sat, 11 Jun 1994 22:47:00 CDT
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From:           Seth Ross <seth _at__ albion.com>
Subject:        NEW: Netiquette - The Network Etiquette Mailing List
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netiquette via netiquette-request _at__ albion.com   Network Etiquette

   Albion Books is pleased to announce the launch of
   Netiquette: The Mailing List, devoted to network etiquette,
   the informal set of rules, civilities, and social graces
   that have evolved in cyberspace, the do's and don'ts of
   online behavior. What are the rules? How have they evolved?
   How can responsible net.citizens avoid breaches of
   Netiquette? How should we respond to the breaches of others?
   Is flaming an art and if so, how can it be mastered? What's
   being said about Netiquette on the net and in the media?

   This unmoderated list is open to the networking public. It
   is sponsored by Albion Books, publisher of _Netiquette_ by
   Virginia Shea.

   To join Netiquette: The Mailing List, send email to
   netiquette-request _at__ albion.com with the following command
   in the subject field:
     subscribe Firstname Lastname

     TO: netiquette-request _at__ albion.com
     SUBJECT: subscribe Josephine Doe

   As a starting point, subscribers may wish to review the
   "Core Rules of Netiquette" document, a brief excerpt from
   the _Netiquette_ book. To retrieve the document, send email
   to netiquette-request _at__ albion.com with the command
   "archive send core" in the subject field, like so:
     TO: netiquette-request _at__ albion.com
     SUBJECT: archive send core

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