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Ich suche eine aktuellen Ueberblick ueber Software zur
Literaturdokumentation. Bekannt ist mir die folgende
(nicht mehr ganz neue) Review:

            Federal Library and Information Center Committee
                           Library of Congress
                        Washington, DC 20540-5100

                 *  The following items are available  *
                 *          via anonymous ftp          *
                 *  from FTP.LOC.GOV  (   *
                 *     in the /pub/flicc directory     *

***NOTE: Set your ftp "file type" to "binary" or "image" before you
         transfer any files with a ".w51" extension.  These are
         WordPerfect files and must be downloaded as binary files
         in order to be used in WordPerfect.

File name       Description
---------       -----------

cmbls30.w51     "Checklist of Microcomputer Based Library Software"
                3rd Edition, 1993.  Listings of over 150 programs
                for library applications such as cataloging, circ-
                ulation, serials control, indexing, full-text
                retrieval, etc. (MS-DOS WordPerfect 5.1 format)

cmbls30.txt     As above, ASCII format.

Kann jemand einen Hinweis auf etwas neueres geben?
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