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(Fwd) ) List of UNIMARC users

Liebe KollegInnen, ich reiche Ihnen eine Mail aus der IFLA-Liste 
weiter. Wenn Ihnen UNIMARC-Anwendungen bekannt sind, so melden Sie 
diese doch bitte an Frau Plassard in Der Deutschen Bibliothek.
Gruesse aus Heidelberg, Monika Muennich

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Date:          Wed, 27 May 1998 09:38:15 +0000
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From:          plassard <plassard _at__ dbf.ddb.de>
Organization:  Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Subject:       ) List of UNIMARC users
To:            IFLA-L _at__ INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA

International List of UNIMARC Users and Experts

The IFLA UBCIM Programme, in agreement with the Permanent UNIMARC
Committee of Experts, in charge of the maintenance and promotion of
the UNIMARC format, decided that more background information on
UNIMARC users would be necessary in order to respond more efficiently
to their particular needs. A questionnaire was sent to over 100
institutions, mainly national and university libraries in 1995.
A list was compiled and published in the UBCIM journal, International
Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control 24(4) (October-December 1995).

The UBCIM Office is in the process of updating the List and would
appreciate hearing from any UNIMARC user (individual, institution or
utility) . Please contact the IFLA UBCIM Programme before 15 July
1998. We are waiting to hear from you!

IFLA UBCIM Programme       iflaubcim _at__ dbf.ddb.de
c/o Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Federal Republic of Germany
Fax +49 69 1525 1142

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