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Fortbildung per Mailliste: XML and DHTML Open (fwd)

Guten Abend zusammen, 
zwei potentielle Nachfolger von HTML sind XML und DHTML.
Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen 
von Juni bis August an einem von zwei 
	Werkstattgespraechen per Mailliste und WWW 
viele Gruesse, hbk ;-)
                                               bork _at__ plb.de

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Subject: ANNOUNCE> Summer Dynamic Duo Workshops On XML and DHTML Open


The Dynamic Duo Workshop: XML & Dynamic HTML is a six-week workshop
conducted entirely via email and the World Wide Web (WWW).  It
introduces the beginner and somewhat more advanced user to the
eXtensibe Markup Language (XML) and dynamic HyperText Markup Language

For further information about the workshop, please see the URL



Two Dynamic Duo Workshops are scheduled for this summer:

    June Session             June 8 - July 17
    July Session             July 6 - August 14

Sign up for ONE session of each workshop only unless you plan to take
it more than once.  To sign up, please send an e-mail message to the

    majordomo _at__ arlington.com

and in the body of the message,

    include the words:      to subscribe to:
    subscribe duo-jun       the June session of Dynamic Duo
    subscribe duo-jul       the July session of Dynamic Duo

This will automatically put you on the mailing list for more
information about each workshop, and you will receive an
acknowledgment with the particulars about signing up, and
unsubscribing, should you decide not to participate.

If you have any difficulty with this procedure or fail to receive a
response, please send e-mail to the address in the signature line.

The workshop leader, Thomas P. Copley, Ph.D., has successfully taught
several on-line courses in the past, including most recently, Tune In
the Net Workshop <http://www.bearfountain.com/arlington/tune.html>,
first offered in 1997 and Make the Link Workshop
<http://www.bearfountain.com/arlington/links.html>, introduced in

THOMAS P. COPLEY                           tcopley _at__ arlington.com
Dynamic Duo Workshop             www.bearfountain.com/arlington/

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.