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Anfrage aus der UK public libraries discussion
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Subject: Euro Filtering
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 15:19:24 -0800
From: Anthony Blagg <sh41 _at__ dial.pipex.com>

Hello all,

We were entertaining a German Public Librarian here in Birmingham
recently when the subject of filtering came up. (Doesn't it always!) 
She said that there was now no "no-option" because of European
Legislation which had come into force on 1st Jan.  When pressed she said
it may only be compulsory to provide filtering of the Internet to under
18's and although it covered Germany she wasn't sure whether it covered
Britain. (Another opt-out?).
Needless to say we were confused and bewildered. As a trawl of Websites
has come to naught can any of our Euro experts out there please provide
any further details? I know that other German colleagues belong to this
list. (I have had replies in the past). Perhaps they might be able to

Many Thanks,

Anthony Blagg,
Internet Officer,
Birmingham Libraries.
mailto:sh41 _at__ dial.pipex.com

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