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(Fwd) Java Telnet to OPAC

Hallo Liste,
dem Text ist eigentlich nichts hinzuzufuegen, leider muss 
tatsaechlich JAVA unterstuetzt werden, JavaScript reicht nicht...
Sieht aber gelungen aus.
Schoenen Gruss

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Date:          Tue, 18 Mar 1997 22:49:11 +0100
From:          Wilfred Drew <drewwe _at__ morrisville.edu>
To:            Multiple recipients of list <web4lib _at__ library.berkeley.edu>
Subject:       Java Telnet to OPAC
Reply-to:      drewwe _at__ morrisville.edu

I have been experimenting with a Java applet for telnet within a web
page.  It works extremely well.  The real work is being done by the

 Matthias L. Jugel and  Marcus Meissner

The applet is available for free at:


My implementation of it is at:


It automatically logs you into our catalog.  Its not Z-39.50 but it
works great and is being improved up on by the authors daily.  This 
is the first really useful Java applet that makes sense to put on a 
library page.  Take a look at my use of it and let me know what you 
Wilfred Drew (Call me "Bill") Systems Librarian (also reference)
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