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Position: Head of NetLab, Lund University Library, Sweden

Position announcement
(Apologies for cross-posting)

Head of LUB NetLab, Development and research department,
Lund University Library, Sweden


International applicants are welcome. Knowledge of the
Swedish language is desirable, but not a requirement.

Reference number: 14623/96

Responsibilities include providing leadership within
NetLab and the acquisition, administration and planning
of projects. The aim of NetLab is to continue to occupy
a leading role within modern development in the areas of
digital libraries and network based information and thus
contributing to the information environment for research
and education. The position involves interacting both
within the University Library and Lund University as a
whole, as well as with external cooperation
partners. The work environment is supportive and
informal.  Publishing of technical papers based on
projects is encouraged.


*  Sound technical knowledge and experience in development 
work in the field of Internet based information services, 
computer science or informatics
*  Demonstrated leadership, organizational, communication 
*  Beeing able to work effectively in a team setting
*  Good knowledge of the English language

*  Academic background in computer science or informatics 
(or similar) with publications in refereed journals
*  Experience of research in related areas


Since NetLab started in July 1994 it has grown
considerably and is today working with exciting
developments within different projects in the area of
digital libraries and network based information
discovery and retrieval mainly in an Internet/WWW
environment. NetLab today have 10 employees (half
computer scientists/programmers half information
scientists/project librarians) and is engaged in a
number of development projects both internal (e.g. Lund
University Electronic Library URL: http://www.ub2.lu.se/) 
and external such as:

* DESIRE, a large (22 partners) EC-project within the 
Telematics Application Programme. 
URL: http://www.ub2.lu.se/desire 
* Nordic Web Index, a searchable distributed "national 
catalog" covering WWW resources in the Nordic countries.
URL: http://nwi.ub2.lu.se/ 
* NNC, Nordic Centre of Excellence for Networked 
Information Services. 
URL: http://www.nnc.dk/nnc/ 
* EELS, Engineering Electronic Library, quality assessed 
Internet resources in the technical sciences. 
URL: http://www.ub2.lu.se/eel/eelhome.html 
* Länkskafferiet, a subject based catalogue with quality 
assessed Internet resources mainly for schools. 
URL: http://www.ub2.lu.se/skolverket 
* WWW/Java simulator of Isaac, a personal assistant for 
the disabled. 
URL: http://www.ub2.lu.se/isaac 
* Nordic Metadata Project. 
URL: http://linnea.helsinki.fi/meta/ 


For further information contact: 
Tove Persson (Tove.Persson _at__ ub1.lu.se, tel+46 46-2220326) 
or Traugott Koch 
(Traugott.Koch _at__ ub2.lu.se, tel +46 46-2229233)

The application should include the reference number
(14623/96) and be written in English, or any of the
following Scandinavian languages: Swedish, Danish or
Norwegian. Furthermore, it should include Curriculum
vitae, a statement of research/development interests, a
list of publications, not more than two sample
publications, and finally any other documents applicants
may wish to refer to. The application should be
addressed to Lund University and sent to:

    Lunds Universitet
    Box 117
    S-221 00 Lund

Deadline for receipt of applications is Jan 15, 1997

Lund university is an equal opportunity employer.

The WWW version of this announcement is at: 

| TRAUGOTT KOCH,    Electronic information services librarian |
|  LUND UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, Development Department NetLab,    |
|  P.O. Box 3.  S-221 00  Lund, Sweden                        |
| Tel: int+46 46 2229233    Fax: int+46 46 2223682 or 2224422 |
| E-mail: traugott.koch _at__ ub2.lu.se                             |
| Personal homepage: http://www.ub2.lu.se/koch.html           |
| "Lund University Electronic Library": http://www.ub2.lu.se/ |

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