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Call for papers : History of science information systems

fuer diejenigen, die sich fuer historische Zusammenhaenge des 
Informations-, Publikations- und Bibliothekswesens 
interessieren !
Herzlichen Gruss aus Harburg
Thomas Hapke

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          Conference on the History and Heritage of
               Science Information Systems:
                       Call for Papers

          The American Society for Information Science
          (ASIS), the ASIS Special Interest
          Group/History and Foundations of Information
          Science (SIG/HFIS), and the Chemical Heritage
          Foundation announce a call for papers for the
          Conference on the History and Heritage of
          Science Information Systems, to be held Oct.
          23-25, 1998 (immediately prior to the annual
          meeting of ASIS) in Pittsburgh, PA.

          This conference will explore the history and
          heritage of the  nature, development, and
          influence of all types of science information
          systems worldwide.  Abstracts of papers to be
          submitted are due April 1, 1998, and authors
          of tentatively accepted papers will be
          notified promptly.  Full acceptance will be
          based on receipt of the complete paper, which
          should be received no later than June 1,
          1998. For accepted papers, several
          competitive scholarships will also be
          available for financial support for
          attendance and anyone wishing to apply for
          these should submit a completed paper by May
          15, 1998.  All submissions will be refereed
          by a panel of experts.  All accepted papers
          will be published.

          Science information "systems" is broadly
          interpreted to include not only the history
          of specific systems and services developed
          for the sciences but also the ideas,
          concepts, and historical context affecting
          their development.  Alternative presentation
          styles (such as videos, photographic
          exhibits, demonstration of information
          technologies) are encouraged.

          Specific topics of interest include, but are
          not limited to, the following:

          --history of information handling in various
          scientific disciplines (such as chemistry,
          biololgy, physics)

          --role of science information systems in
          scholarly communication

          --assessment of the influence of major
          conferences relating to  the development of
          scientific information systems, such as the
          1948 Royal Society Scientific Information
          Conference and the 1958 International
          Conference on Scientific Information (Washington, DC)

          --role of science and technology information

          --contributions of specific individuals to
          the development of  science information

          --pre-computer era science information
          retrieval systems

          --history of computer-based science
          information systems and  technologies

          --development of major commercial science
          information systems (such as BIOSIS, Chemical
          Abstracts Service, Engineering Index, ISI,

          --history of the role of specific
          international organizations in the
          development of science information systems
          (such as  CERN, FAO, FID, IAEA)

          Inquiries regarding the Conference should be
          addressed to:

          Robert V. Williams, Conference Chair
          College of Library and Information Science
          University of South Carolina
          Columbia, SC 29208 USA
          Phone: 803-777-2324
          Fax: 803-777-7938
          E-mail: bobwill _at__ sc.edu
Thomas Hapke, Subject Librarian for Chemical Engineering
University Library, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
D-21071 Hamburg, Germany                       
e-mail: hapke _at__ tu-harburg.d400.de, phone: 40 7718-3365, 
fax: 40 7718-2248
WWW: http://www.tu-harburg.de/b/hapke/t_hapke.html

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