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Call for papers AHC 2005, Amsterdam, the Netherlands,14-17 September 2005

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From: <Michelle.van.den.Berk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 02/14/05 04:22pm
Subject: Call for papers AHC 2005

XVIth International Conference of the Association for History and
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 14-17th September 2005

AHC 2005 aims to bring together specialists from three broad streams:

 * Professionals working in cultural heritage institutes (archives,
libraries, museums) who use ICT to preserve and give access to their

 * Information and computing scientists working in the domain of
cultural heritage and the humanities

 * Scholars using computers in historical and related studies (history
of art, archaeology, literary studies, etc.)

The subject matter of the conference is primarily oriented at
methodological issues and not restricted to one particular domain within
history and the humanities. Preferably, sessions will consist of a mix
of these three interest groups and fields. There will be numerous cross
links between the streams.

Panel and paper proposals are now being invited for the XVIth
international conference of the Association for History and Computing.

Extended deadline for submissions of title and abstract: 1st March 2005
(200-250 words)
Deadline for submissions of full papers: 1st May 2005 (6-8 pages A4)

All accepted full papers will be published in the conference
proceedings, which will be available at the conference. A selection of
the proceedings will be  considered for publication in international
journals after the conference.

Summary papers, PowerPoint demonstrations, etc. will only be available
on the conference web site. There will be a number of poster sessions
for demonstrations of software and other applications.

Proposals may be made for either complete sessions or for individual
papers. Suggested topics are listed below.

Suggested formats for full panels include three 20-minute papers or a
round table format. Other innovative format proposals will be
considered. Proposals for complete panels should also include a chair. A
panel may include a formal comment or question and response with the
audience. All proposals must include a title and an abstract for each
paper, along with a brief vita for each participant. Please be sure to
indicate which member of the panel will serve as the contact person for
future correspondence. Please include the name,  address, telephone
number, and e-mail address for each participant.

All paper proposals are subject to peer review prior to being accepted.

Topics for sessions and papers:

 * Digitisation of heritage information: Large digitisation projects of
historical sources; Optical character and document recognition for
historical materials; Handwriting recognition and script analysis tools

 * Images & multimedia: Image analysis and visual culture; Content
based and other image retrieval methods; Digital photo/image/video
collections; Digital museums

 * Text analysis and retrieval: Applications of text analysis in the
humanities; Methodological issues of text mining and text analysis;
Digital text archives

 * Data access, retrieval and presentation: Data bases in
historical/humanities research; Data mining, data harvesting and data
syndication; Digital data archives & longevity of digital heritage;
Personalisation and presentation of heritage information; Virtual
libraries and virtual collaboratories in the humanities

 * Enriching data: Digital source editions; Knowledge enrichment and
encoding methods; Metadata standards and semantic interoperability for
access to cultural heritage

 * Geographical Information Systems: GIS Applications in the humanities
and historical studies; GIS methods and techniques; GIS for access to
heritage information

 * Qualitative & Quantitative data analysis: Advanced statistics in
historical research; Models and simulations; Exploratory analysis and
visualisation techniques

 * Theoretical, methodological and eductational issues: e-Science,
e-Humanities and e-History; Historiography of humanities computing;
Educational issues

More information on the conference can be found at:

Email enquiries are welcome at michelle.van.den.berk@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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