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Testimony before the National Commission on Library and Information Science,
November 10. 1998

Thank you very much for inviting me and being willing to allow me to
testify via
speakerphone. My name is David Burt and I am a practicing librarian. I am
employed as the Information Technology Librarian at the Lake Oswego,
(Oregon) Public

I have been an active American Library Association member since 1991. In
1997, I started Filtering Facts, an organization dedicated to protecting
children in
libraries, because I was deeply disturbed by the positions taken by my
colleagues at the American Library Association regarding filtering the
Internet access of


David Burt	President, Filtering Facts
Website: 	http://www.filteringfacts.org
E-Mail:  	David_Burt _at__ filteringfacts.org
Phone/Fax:	503 635-7048

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