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The European version of the highly successful Internet Librarian conference
takes place in London on 20 - 22 March 2000.

This edition of Internet Librarian International includes comprehensive
coverage of topics pertinent to the new breed of cyber and digital library,
and includes tracks on:
mixing web, library and knowledge
e-books and e-publishing
digital library developments
web sources and services
web-based training and teaching
search engines
and more......

To receive your personal copy of the conference programme - published early
November - simply email me and I'll ensure you receive a copy.

Best wishes
Caroline Milner

Rubicon Communications Ltd
Oxford Centre for Innovation
Mill Street
Oxford OX2 0JX
T +44 (0)1865 204947
F +44 (0)1865 204950

Sun's Summer Administrative Advisor newsletter is now at
wwwwseast.usec.sun.com/edu/admin/adminadvisor2.html.  Articles
include a review of the JSTOR project, a Computer Portal update, and
the announcement of a Java in Administration Special Interest Group.

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