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(Fwd) Info PICA/OCLC

Liebe Inetbib'ler

im folgenden einige (englischsprachige) Informationen ueber die
Kooperation PICA / OCLC, uebernommen aus der franzoesischen
Liste biblio-fr.


Stefan Grund

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Bonne année à tous!

>From: "Hunt,Russ" <huntr _at__ OCLC.ORG> (by way of chartron <chartron _at__ cnam.fr>)
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>DUBLIN, Ohio, Dec. 28, 1999-OCLC and Pica Foundation have signed an
>agreement to establish a jointly owned organisation to better serve the
>European library community.
>Pica Foundation, based in Leiden, the Netherlands, has established a new
>Dutch limited liability company (Pica B.V.) and has transferred all present
>activities to this new company.  OCLC will participate in the new Pica
>company through a graduated acquisition of part of the stock that will begin
>at 35 percent and increase to 60 percent within 12 months.
>"The new relationship with OCLC is an exciting step towards the creation of
>an integrated European information infrastructure," said Cees Datema,
>chairman, Pica Foundation.
>"We anticipate that this combination of staff competencies will add value
>for OCLC members globally, as well as enhance services for current Pica
>customers," said Jay Jordan, OCLC president and CEO.
>Mr. Jordan said the merger will complement the activities of the OCLC
>Europe, the Middle East & Africa office, which is located in Birmingham,
>Pica B.V. will continue development and support of its current products and
>services, including the further development and support of Pica's local
>library systems, the central library system for cataloguing, interlibrary
>loan and end-user services.
>Pica will also continue its associated co-operation with European partners:
>the Agence Bibliographique de l'Enseignement Supérieur in Montpellier,
>France; and in Germany, the Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund in Göttingen, the
>Hessisischer Bibliotheksverbund in Frankfurt, and Die Deutsche Bibliothek,
>also in Frankfurt.
>Pica B.V. is based in Leiden, the Netherlands, and provides cataloguing,
>interlibrary loan and local and end-user services to hundreds of libraries
>in the Netherlands, France and Germany.  OCLC is a non-profit corporation
>based in Dublin, Ohio, which serves over 36,000 libraries in 74 countries
>and territories.
>Pica B.V. was originally founded in 1969 as Pica Foundation.  It was a joint
>initiative of the Royal national Library and a number of university
>libraries, and was a co-operative, non-profit organisation for libraries and
>other information-providing institutions.  Pica's central online database
>was established in 1978 to reduce library cataloguing costs.  Since then,
>Pica has extended its services with interlibrary loan, local library
>systems, reference and end-user services.  Pica B.V., established in October
>1999, is continuing the business activities of Pica Foundation.  Pica's
>facilities are used by hundreds of academic, public and other libraries
>throughout Europe.  More information is available at <http://www.pica.nl/>.
>An English version is at <http://www.pica.nl/en/>
>Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, OCLC Online Computer Library Center is a
>non-profit, membership, computer library service and research organisation
>whose computer network and services link more than 36,000 libraries in 74
>countries and territories.  OCLC is dedicated to the public purposes of
>furthering access to the world's information and reducing information costs.

>More information about OCLC, its affiliated U.S. regional networks, service
>centres, international divisions and distributors is available at
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