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Voraussage fuer 2001

Zwecks Hebung der Motivation fuer das neue Jahrtausend:
Die Zukunft des Bibliothekswesens und insbesondere unseres 
Berufsstandes wird ja gelegentlich in eher duesteren Farben gemalt.
Es gibt aber durchaus ganz andere Ansichten. Eine solche erreichte 
mich aus einer anderen Liste:

> Andy Oram, an editor at O'Reilly, the publishers of those computer
> books with the great covers, has posted nine predications for 2001 at
> the O'Reilly Web site.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/news/predictions_1200.html>
> The most interesting is number 7:
> 7. The field of Library Sciences will become the next hot career path.
> The current buzz about XML and related specifications is like getting
> excited about a new device for cutting glass. It won't be long before
> companies go to the next stage and realize they need to hire people
> who can create stained glass windows. (If medieval builders were as
> focused on technology as we are, tourists would be looking at a bunch
> of transparent dodecahedrons instead of the Sainte-Chapelle.) So,
> corporations using new schemas to index and organize information will
> suddenly discover the importance of expertise in that field. Even as
> public libraries continue to shrink, new schools of Library Science
> will pop up and salaries for librarians (perhaps with new monikers
> like "information architect") will skyrocket.

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