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Liebe Liste, FYI

der "Scout Report for Social Sciences and Humanities". January 23, 2001,
vol. 4, no. 10 brachte den folgenden Hinweis auf eine interessante Umfrage

Impacts of the Internet on Public Library Use -- Urban Libraries Council
     Basic Fact Sheet:
     In November, the Urban Libraries Council released data from a national
telephone survey examining correlations
     between public library use and Internet use. In general, the study
finds that Internet use is not discouraging people
     from using their public libraries, though it is clear that for some
tasks, the Internet is preferred by a majority of
     respondents. The report also gives information correlating Internet and
public library use to demographics of
     education, income, gender, and to a limited degree, race. The complete
59-page report is offered in .pdf format
     with a Fact Sheet summarizing the data posted in HTML. [DC] 

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