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BHO - Bibliographische Datenbank zur Buch- und Bibliotheksgeschichte

Paul van Capelleveen wrote [SHARP-L]:
> Book History Online
> The Koninklijke Bibliotheek is pleased to announce the launch of Book History Online (BHO). Book History Online is a database on the history of the printed book and libraries and is posted on the website http://www.kb.nl/bho.
> BHO contains titles of books and articles on the history of the printed book worldwide. It is based on ABHB, the Annual Bibliography of the History of the printed Book and Libraries. This annual book publication is a collaboration of book historians in more than 30 countries. Since 1989, the Department of Special Collections of the KB has formed the editorial board and maintained a cumulative database. The database contains c. 25.000 records.
> Subjects covered by BHO correspond with those of ABHB: all scholarly valuable books and articles relating to the history of the printed book and libraries and to book production, distribution, conservation, description and analysis. Also included are articles referring to the history of the arts, crafts, techniques, and equipment in relation to books; and to the book and library in their economic, social and cultural environment.
> As from today, the files are online and can be searched by names of authors, editors, title words of books and periodicals, classification, geographical keywords, names of persons (printers, publishers etc.), firms and institutions, and by subjects and words in annotations.
> To access BHO point your browser to http://www.kb.nl/bho.
> Koninklijke Bibliotheek
> National Library of the Netherlands
> Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
> PO Box 90407
> NL-2509 LK The Hague
> Telephone +31 70 3140322
> E-mail bho _at__ kb.nl
> www.kb.nl


Paul van Capelleveen wrote:
> Dear Mr Farren,
> We will add to the BHO webside a short history of BHO - including answers to the questions that reach us now BHO has been launched.
> In the meantime we welcome any questions and commentaries and thank you for your contribution. Here are the answers:
> 1.
> >What is the chronological coverage, by date of publication, of the books
> >and articles in the database?
> BHO includes all (complete) entries from ABHB volume 20 (1989) to volume 28 (1997). In addition, BHO contains all entries from the forthcoming 29th volume of ABHB covering 1998. Also: entries submitted for the volumes to follow (1999/2000) but these have as yet to be checked.
> Updating BHO is now our first concern.
> 2.
> >Does the database cover EVERYTHING ever listed in ABHB?  But with
> >enrichments?
> Yes, BHO contains all entries from 1989 to 1998.
> We hope to include the earlier volumes in the near future.
> So far no enrichments have been added. Obviously, searching the database gives far more opportunities to find what one is looking for than the annual book volumes.
> 3.
> >What is the relationship of the database to the ongoing publication of
> >ABHB?  If the database will cover everything in ABHB, why publish ABHB?
> ABHB is published by a commercial publisher, Kluwer. Kluwer has the intention to keep publishing future volumes of ABHB. The ABHB/BHO team will edit the volumes AND the database.
> Kind regards,
> Paul van Capelleveen

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